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The Debwewin Project

‘Debwewin’ refers to one of the Anishinabek seven grandfathers teaching for “truth.” This project will raise questions about Oakville’s Truth, using many methods to educate through videos, cultural mapping, art, story-telling, place-making amongst others. (Note: Place-making is an approach that asks people to collectively reimagine and reshape public space to maximize its shared value.) Learn more about the project and our next steps.

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Grateful Treaty Person and Acts of Allyship Campaign

The Members of the Ally Leadership Council invite you to join us as Grateful Treaty People and engage in Acts of Allyship.

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Advisory Council Videos

Following tradition

Grandfather Teachings

The Seven Sacred Teachings, also known as the Seven Grandfather Teachings, is a set of teachings on human conduct towards others.

The Debwewin Project will be guided by the Seven Grandfather Teachings that set out the following values and principles:

Wisdom Nibwaakaawin
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Bravery Aakode’ewin
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Love Zaagi’idiwin
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Truth Debwewin
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Respect Minaadendamowin
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Humility Dabaadendiziwin
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Honesty Gwayakwaadiziwin
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While we make a commitment to the 7 grandfather teachings, the importance of Debwewin – Truth is why this project was started. This project will raise questions about Oakville’s truth such as: “What happened to the local Treaty holders, the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation?”


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